Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ME and NH

I had a great week of riding last week. I logged about 1,000 miles riding around New England. I took the day off of work on Thursday and planned a ride around Western Maine. It took me about three hours on the slab to get to the route, but once I got on the ride it was nice. I even had the chance to do a little dirt biking with the RT. The roads in Maine aren't the best, but they were isolated and there was no traffic anywhere. The roads are a little chewed up because of the logging industry. Everywhere you go in Maine you are going to see logging trucks and over time they pretty much damage every road. There were a few ARRA construction projects going on to improve some of the roads so maybe next summer it will be a different story. Overall, it was a nice day to just be out on the bike. On Saturday, I connected with my friends Marc and Valerie again for a nice long ride on the roads surrounding the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. Beautiful roads and scenery all day long. We stopped at Whitehorse Gear in North Conway for their Open House event. We had some lunch there and did some shopping in their warehouse. They sell almost every piece of motorcycle gear you would ever need. They also run a publishing company that publishes mostly motorcyle-ish books. I purchased a Ron Ayres book and then we were on our way for the ride back. We did some more mountain roads and twisties before linking with I93 for the express back to Boston. It was a perfect day to ride too. Great weather and wonderful roads. The roads were exceptional around the National Forest area.

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