Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last day at GSA

Friday was my last day at GSA. I worked in that office for five years and seven months. That is the longest I've worked anywhere. A few years ago I determined that I moved, on average, every two years since I was 18 years old. I'm 40 now. I've moved a lot. Fortunately, with this new job, I will not have to move. The new job at NOAA is in Gloucester MA which is a 45 minute drive from our apartment. Leslie and I will now have equal commuting times, but mine is a little easier since I don't have to go through the city like Les does. My last day was nothing special. In the morning, I walked around the building and said my goodbyes to everyone who was there. Very few people at GSA work on Friday. GSA has a lot of teleworkers and workers with alternative schedules which allow them to take most Fridays off of work. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for leaving GSA because I have it so good there, but I've been in a rut for the past couple years and it's time for a change. Anyway, the team took me to lunch at Boston Beer Works. My boss gave a short speech thanking me and all that stuff. I received my gift. They gave me a movie theater gift certificate and a BMW motorcycle baseball hat. Then I spent the afternoon chatting with a few folks and then went back to Boston Beer Works after work for drinks with a couple people. My former boss, who is now retired (lucky bastard), came back into town for my luncheon and he stuck around for drinks and then my colleague Tony was there. We had a nice couple hours talking trash about work. I vowed to stay in touch with them. I am likely going to be using GSA services in my new job so I will be visiting them again in the future as a customer. Then I got on the scooter and came home. Nothing too spectacular. I'm not nervous about the new job, just a little anxious. More on that as things unfold at the new gig this week. Later.

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