Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Riding Rut

It has been awhile since I've posted. Mostly because I am bummed that I haven't been on the bike in about a month. This snow and ice is putting a damper on things. Prep work for the IBR continues. My custom fuel cell cover is taking forever to be completed so I am still patiently waiting for that item. It is the last thing I need before dropping off the bike at the shop to get a makeover. There is a private forum on the IBA board for us riders of the 2011 IBR. I haven't posted very many things, but I read the posts every day. There are so many riders that are doing way more than I am doing for this thing. I thought I was obsessed, but these guys make me look like a total amateur. When I started seeing what others were doing in preparation for the Rally, I got a little nervous like I wasn't doing enough or that I was out of my league. I got over that feeling. I am sticking with my game plan for now and hope it's enough. The last few weeks I've been thinking about my riding/routing prep work. I would like to do a few weekend long rides as soon as the weather will allow. I am planning on doing one rally before the IBR. The Minuteman 1000 is the end of May. The Minuteman is a 24-hour rally and starts in MA so it is close to me; there are usually a few IBR vets riding the rally so it can get competitive. I am heading to the International Motorcycle Show in NY this weekend. Maybe I'll find another farkle or two for the bike. The picture in the post is what my neighborhood still looks like after a winter storm a couple weeks ago. The snow is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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