Monday, November 1, 2010

Ride to Eat

Spent about 12 hours riding and eating yesterday. I met New Guy Ray in the Chelsea Market Basket parking lot at 6:00 and we made our way to Cohassett MA to pick-up Marc and Valerie. Marc then led us on a nice south coast ride to the seaside town of Marshfield MA. We had breakfast at Arthur & Pat's. You can't really tell by the picture, but this little shack served the best eggs benedict I've ever had. They used pastrami and something about it really tasted good. We hung out there for about an hour then made our way to Smithfield RI to meet with the rest of the gang for a ride around RI and CT. We met our friends Mo, Larry, and Victor at Victor's place. Chatted for a few minutes and got right down to business hitting all the backroads around RI and dipping into CT for lunch at the Dogwatch Cafe in Stonington CT. We got done with lunch around 2:00 and Victor said "let's go to the Vanilla Bean for coffee." Victor led the way. The Vanilla Bean is in Pomfret CT which is about an hour ride from Stonington. We left Stonington and three hours of backroad riding later we were still not at the Vanilla Bean. I don't think he'll admit it, but he was lost. Anyway, New Guy Ray and I bailed on the rest of the adventure to head back to Boston. I got home at 6:00. The weather was perfect. Sunny and chilly, but not too cold.

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