Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Creature Comforts

I just reviewed the older posts on this blog. That first trip I took was a lot of fun, but if I took the same trip this year it would drive me nuts. I'm a different kind of rider now and doing less than 500 miles in a day is a waste to me. In fact, most of my rides on this trip next month will be close to 1,000 miles/day. I like to get where I need to go. There is no sense in stopping if you are physically able to keep going. The other big difference is the bike. I own the same 2004 BMW R1150RT, but I have added so much to it. In 2007, my plan was to do the trip and then sell the bike when I returned, but the bike performed so well and it is such a capable multi-use machine that I decided to keep it. I decided to add to it and modify it considerably. I have tried to make the bike as comfortable as possible. A few of the "comfort" modifications include a Cee Bailey windshield to increase the wind protection which reduces fatigue. I have a Russell Day-Long saddle and it is probably the single best addition to the bike. It makes a huge difference and gives me the ability to put up the big miles. I do not have cruise control. I've tried it and don't feel comfortable with it so I opted for a Throttle Rocket wrist rest which also reduces fatigue in my opinion. I am able to maintain speed with very little effort and do not need to keep my hand wrapped around the throttle. I recently added some Hawks Talons highway pegs. I have not had much opportunity to use these, but on last summer's cross country trip I found my legs began to cramp a bit being in the same position. The pegs should give me the ability to stretch on occasion. I do prefer the default RT riding position, but figured I could use a little stretch now and then. I have noticed my knees occasionally need the break. I consider riding gear a comfort modification as well, but more of my philosophy on riding gear and farkling during a later post.

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