Monday, October 18, 2010

IBR preparations continue. The boxes are arriving on a regular basis. I received my cb and comm system late last week. I think the fuel cell will be the last thing to arrive. Once I get that, I will bring the bike to the shop. I did a nice little ride yesterday. The Yankee Beemers monthly breakfast was in Mendon MA yesterday. I met a group in Cambridge early Sunday morning and we cut through some backroads to get to Mendon. After breakfast a few of us did a backroad route to the Vanilla Bean coffee shop in Pomfret CT. Someone from the club mapped the route and I loaded it into the GPS. We split into two groups. I hate riding with more than three people in tow. We must not have matching map sets because my GPS took us through a CT state park with nothing but gravel and boulders for a road. It was an interesting challenge to get through there. We hung out at the Bean for a couple hours before riding the high-speed pavement back to Boston. It looks like I will be nominated for a club officer position for next year. More on that in another post. I spent some time last night mapping out a local 1,000 mile loop which includes a border crossing into Canada and back into the U.S. I think it will be a decent prep route for running some local weekend SS rides before the big event. I've also mapped-out a cross-country BBG3000 and SS3000 I would like to do before next June. The tough thing is finding the time to do these things.

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