Monday, July 26, 2010

92 and Rising

We spent the day Saturday in Provincetown MA aka P-Town. Provincetown is on the very tip of Cape Cod. We took the ferry there from Boston on Saturday morning and planned to spend the day walking around the little town, do some people watching, take some pictures, have lunch, and then take the late afternoon ferry back to Boston. The ferry is about 90 minutes. If we were to drive there it would have taken at least three hours so the ferry was a much better way to go. We had a nice day. On Sunday, I went to the Yankee Beemers monthly breakfast meeting in Southbridge MA. The Yankee Beemers is a motorcycle club with primarily BMW owners as members, but there are a few Triumph, Ducati, and other bike brand riders as well. My friends Marc and Valerie are members as well so we met along the Mass Pike and went down there together. After the meeting we hit the road for a ride around CT and RI. The temperature hit 92 around 3:00. We only did about 200 miles that day. It was mostly a social riding day. It was too hot to do anything else on Sunday. Les and I had an early dinner and went to Arlington MA for ice cream and then called it a night.

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